We are a design and consulting engineering firm that has operated within the commercial industry since 1988 to provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection design services with a focus on
team building. effective design. client relationships. the future.

A Bit More About Us

IMC has serviced a broad range of major institutions and facilities in south Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast region working directly with architects, civil engineers, contractors and owners. Its focus for more than three and a half decades has been to consistently offer quality services to the commercial, institutional and municipal marketplace.

With a staff of 20 professionals, technicians, drafters and support personnel, IMC places specific emphasis on the commercial and municipal sectors including office buildings, schools, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers, sport facilities and municipal infrastructure improvements such as storm water drainage pumping systems, sewerage improvements and street lighting. As a long established consulting firm, IMC has handled a multitude of major administrative, medical and infrastructure projects in the metro New Orleans area.

As an MEP group, IMC has built its reputation on reliability. Its long-standing association with architects, owners and other professionals is a testament to the company’s reputation for producing consistent, quality constructible design work within a stated deadline. IMC has maintained those important relationships because those individuals understand the value of the IMC design and consulting side of business. Reliability, consistency and relationships coupled with its ability to adjust to the ever-changing technologies are the keys to IMC’s success.


  • Eugene "Chip" Higbee, P.E.

    Chip serves as Principal. He received his Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering degree from LSU in 1990. Chip is responsible for the total design of various commercial HVAC systems, including load calculations, specifications, system layout and completion of construction documents. He has also directed the design of performance contracts and energy-savings projects including energy audits, financial and technical analysis, savings calculations, design and specification of related measures and project implementation. His experience with the retrofit and operation of large central chilled water and heating hot water plants provide a solid basis for new HVAC system design. Energy Management Systems (EMS) evaluation, optimization and system troubleshooting represent a large portion of Chip's professional expertise and experience.
  • Richard Nichols, P.E.

    Electrical Department Head
    Richard serves as the Electrical Principal in Charge. He received his Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering degree from LSU in 1989. Richard is responsible for the total design of various commercial electrical systems, including load calculations, specifications, systems layout and the completion of construction documents. His 30 years in the industry have involved all aspects of electrical design including site utilities, power, lighting, communication and fire alarm systems.
  • Paul Vlosich, P.E.

    Director of Municipal & Industrial Projects
    Paul serves as Principal and Director of Municipal and Industrial Projects. He received his Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering Degree in 1994. In addition to designing electrical systems for large commercial facilities, Paul oversees all aspects of IMC's municipal business sector including client relations, business development, resource management, contract negotiation, contract execution, production and quality control. His specialized design experience for this sector includes hazard mitigation and fault-tolerant designs for drainage pumping stations, wastewater structures, marine navigation gates, street and bridge lighting and flood control structures. Paul also has been a member of several inspection teams, performing routine and damage assessments of electrical systems for federal, state and local agencies, and preparing reports of his findings.
  • Matthew Wender, P.E.

    Mechanical Department Head

    Matt serves as Principal/Mechanical Department Head and resides in New Orleans, LA. He received his Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering degree from Mississippi State University in 2004, has been a licensed Professional Engineer since 2009, and is a New Orleans Chapter ASHRAE member. Matt is responsible for the design and specification of commercial HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems, including building load calculations, system layout, completion of construction documents in both 2D and 3D BIM format, and construction administration.

    Matt’s years in the industry have involved all aspects of mechanical and plumbing design and include HVAC systems ranging from LEED certified high-efficiency hydronic systems to variable refrigerant flow and commercial direct expansion systems. He has designed high-efficiency & water conserving plumbing systems, building storm drainage, medical gas systems, fuel storage and distribution, wet-pipe fire protection systems, both with and without fire pumps, and dry-pipe pre-action and anti-freeze fire protection systems. Direct Digital Control system design and installation supervision are special areas of concentration.

Our Team

While IMC unquestionably excels in forging client and customer relationships, it also knows how to retain its own personnel. IMC’s success is directly attributed to its staff experience and depth that enable the firm to effectively serve its clients. With an average employee tenure of 10 years, IMC has a high degree of confidence in delegating key responsibilities to its staff. Although owners Eugene “Chip” Higbee, Richard Nichols, Paul Vlosich and Matt Wender supervise all projects, IMC’s project engineers are involved in the initial stages of the project through construction administration and are empowered to achieve their design goals. IMC's staff of 20 includes seven licensed engineers, five degreed engineers, an engineering intern, four CAD technicians and three administrative personnel. IMC currently maintains active licensure in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Texas. The firm is registered with NCEES to quickly obtain licensure elsewhere.

IMC & the Market

Although its work has occasionally taken IMC from one coast to the next, its core clients reside in the Greater New Orleans area. It is here, within this vertical market, that IMC has established and maintained decades-long relationships, delivering outstanding products to architects, civil engineers, contractors and owners. The stability and loyalty of so many IMC relationships have not occurred without good reason. This is a team with the design and consulting advantage that knows how to bring the proper engineering disciplines together. Because of its experience, it understands the importance of gathering information and coordinating this information with other design professionals and owners. Only through these efforts - proper planning, smart design and the coordination with all members of the design team - does the outcome become a superior design product.